Info on Remediation and Redevelopment!


Please follow our Remediation and Redevelopment process here:

Roots & Rays Redevelopment Meeting

English and spanish final

Starting next Sunday we will be holding weekly community meetings and design workshops to develop your ideas.  These meetings will continue for the next eight consecutive Sundays until the end of the year.  We will have games and kid-friendly activities so feel free to bring children along.   

Meetings will involve: visioning exercises, drawing of site plans, workshops, presentations, and much more!

Activities are free and everyone is welcome.


When and where:

The first meeting will be on Sunday November 3rd. This is when we will be defining the community’s goals and objectives that will guide the rest of the process. We will also announce the venue for future meetings on this date.


Sunday November 3rd, 4 – 6pm

St Pius Church, at the Parish Office

1919 South Ashland Avenue (side entrance on corner of Ashland and Cullerton)


For more information, please contact:

English: 312 894 9311

Spanish: 547 596 0473


A partir de la próxima semana, vamos a estar organizando sesiones semanales y talleres de diseño para desarollar nuestras ideas y las ideas de sus vecinos. Vamos a reunirnos en los próximos 8 domingos que quedan de este año. Tendremos juegos y actividades para niños, así que toda su familia es bienvenida a las reuniones.


Las reuniones incluirándibujo de los planes, talleres,  exercícios de visualizacion, presentaciones, y mucho mas!


Las actividades son gratis y todos son bienvenidos.


Donde y Cuando:

La primera reunión será el domingo, 3 de noviembre, en la que estaremos definiendo los objetivos de la comunidad, los cuales servirán como guía para el resto del proceso. Ese día anunciaremos el sitio donde se llevarán a cabo las reuniones futuras.


Domingo, 3 de Noviembre, 4 – 6pm

St Pius Church, en la oficina paroquial

1919 South Ashland Avenue (la entrada está en la esquina de Ashland y Cullerton)


Para más información

English: 312 894 9311

Spanish: 547 596 0473





Paseo de Jardines 2012!!!


This Saturday is the 3rd Annual Paseo de Jardines, otherwise known as the Pilsen Garden Tour. This year the garden tour has a special theme, it will be looking at conservation projects in place at the gardens. 

Roots & Rays is one of the hosting gardens and we are excited to be showing off our work, – the garden looks lovely! : )

The event is free, and starts at 4pm at the Orozco School parking lot, at 1940 W. 18th St, Pilsen (close to 18th St Pink line stop). We’ll be raffling off a rain barrel, a compost bin and a $75 i-go gift card. Seats are limited so either come early, or plan to bike/carpool and follow the bus. 

More information at:

Please invite family and friends!


Build on

We had a great day on Saturday with the Build On group from Juarez High School. There were 21 students in total, brought by Jessie Schwartz.

We started the morning off with a garden tour led by Reihonna…

We got to pick and taste different greens, like the spicy mustard, and the mellow bright green lettuce leaves. The strawberries were delicious, perfect timing to harvest a couple and eat on the spot. Bright red, sweet and delicious!

After the tour, we divided up into 4 groups and got to work on some activities.

We filled all the rain barrels, then watered the plants and all the raised beds. Others planted marigolds..

Some of us just sat in the sun, chilling out and taking pictures. It was a really hot day. Water breaks were constant and it was lovely weather to just sit in the shade and hear the bees buzzing…

Others explored the garden underworld and unburied some hidden treasure! Well, that’s what we were hoping for, but unfortunately it was just an old locker… : (

But we did find something interesting inside… Huge, very slimy, friendly slugs. After retrieving them from the rusty locker, we found them a nice, dark, new home.

We also weeded, picked up litter, tore up newspaper for our compost pile, sorted out our recycling corner with all odd parts of wood and strange bits and pieces that we get from our neighbors for repurposing. We made new stands for our rain barrels and pushed the existing ones to new heights! Loads more water pressure now, thanks guys! We helped Lupe from across the road with her bricks, collected some big rocks to make the border of our new raingarden… Phew! What else?  You guys were restless!

Thanks so much for coming! You were all amazing, – its unbelievable how much you got done. We really hope you come back, you guys have just the kind of energy we need here at the garden! A special thank you to Jessie from Build On, who organized our day!

If you had a good time and fancy coming back, remember we’re here every Sunday from 11-3pm, and we’ve got all sorts of activities, from gardening to painting to building. Families and siblings also welcome! We hope to see you soon : )

P.S. For those of you who took seeds and pots, don’t forget to come back for the soil!


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